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just got home.. had to go to the bank earlier and close ccounts and open new ones. then my mom took me to wal-mart to get things for college because the money I saved up was stolen, so I was pretty much screwed.

came home and am now eating breakfast
75 cals - 1 egg
32 cals - 2 egg whites
5 cals - Pam spray
200 cals - canned salmon, put some in my eggs, and the rest of the can Im going to eat for lunch/snack

So as of 10:40am im at 312 im pushing for around 700 calories today
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You should post more often, as should I. How do you like school and classes so far? How are your roommates?

I hope it got off to a good start. I'll probably see you around campus, though I don't think either of us will know who the other is. Weird.