mysweetsatine (mysweetsatine) wrote,

possibly triggering. but what isnt

so even though i have cceliacs disease, I figured it would be a WONDERFUL idea to eat leftovers in the fridge of boneless(breaded) wings ina sweet bbq sauce. the fact that they were absolutely delicious is besides the point at the moment. Besides like, 10 of those, I had one square of a PB-snickers bar. ((have any of you had these!?!?!? I could have packages and packages of them... oh wait, I have before o_O)) andddd coffee. and an apple. and diet coke. soooo If i was the type of person who doesn't like to torment themselves or ingest food which will cause them to not breathe and disgest food for the next week I guess I wouldnt feel too terrible. and i have my period and am cranky. wah. hahah
Last week i went to PA to visit my best female friend, and my best male friend. I miss them both terriblyyyy... I hope oncce grad school starts I'll make friends on Long Island. ...all my friends living 6 hours away is soo old.
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